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Samsung HL-T6189S firmware 1019

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While looking for a color profile for my Samsung HL-T6189S I noticed Samsung had an updated firmware, I was at 1011 and they had 1019 and with some hesitation... you know why fix what's not broken, I decided to go for it. The process was painless, although after the reset my settings were totally screwed, not that I didn't expect that but you'd expect default picture values and instead Tint was like 96/4 brightness very dim ect... GREAT fun resetting 4 modes there. Second bit of shock was I was no longer able to select a mode other then GAME for my HTPC connection. Not the end of the world, but not an improvement either. Wasted an hour trying to figure out how to size my Vista desktop, nvidia drivers weren't displaying a Set display size option. I finally found it on the TV under Wide PC adjustments... phew that would have been a major disappointment.

I then tried DLP 3d mode and to my surprise this mode also had tint scewed to 96/4 and appears to be in Dynamic mode. Not a problem, I'll reset as before...however in their wisdom Samsung only allows Contrast and Picture adjustments. This is the point where you want to line up the friggin engineer that designed this and implement slow torture to return the favor.

It's a shame to be so close to done here but it looks like I'll need to find a RESET ALL in hopes that will return everything to factor defaults and thus clear this unconfigurable setting. Does anyone know how this can be done? Is this in the service menu? It's very strange how I've done a picture reset in Dynamic mode and all the other modes and have them adjusted but appears the 3D mode stores it's own picture values. Why they wouldn't let you adjust these is beyond me.
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After updating my firmware, my set was also completely screwed up... I found a way around most of the problems, as it turns out you need to go through all of the modes and all of the inputs to correct the problems that the update causes.

Then the fun begins... the PiP will no longer function, the melody does not work and the reset functions (picture and sound) are worthless until you've gone through all of the modes on all of the inputs...

Does anybody know how to do a hard reset or a re-boot on the TV? I can't find anyway to restore back to before 1019, I think mine was 1014.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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