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Hi All

First post here, i guess that qualifies me as the complete noob

I have the following stuff:

Samsung HL67A750

Sony Mini surround system HT-SS2300

Sat. connected to a Full HD Scaler Box

PC with video card 8800GT and a mobo with the Bernstein audio module on board. (mobo is dfi lanparty ut x48 T3RS )

Sat. connected to the scaler and scaler to the Sony ampli, works great.

I have 2 problems:

1) When connecting PC to the TV's PC port (DSUB) , the image looks as if it lacks enough refresh rate ( bright colors flicker like crazy ). Tried connecting to the Scaler pc port, exactly same output ( makes sense since scaler has also DSUB connecion ). How do i connect the pc to the tv to get the best quality possible? What resolution should i set? Should i connect directly the pc to the tv's hdmi-dvi port using a dvi to hdmi cable?

2) Assuming connecting dvi to hdmi cable to connect pc to tv fixes the problem, how do i connect the sound from pc to the Sony Amp. then?

Thanks for your help

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