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Samsung HLN437W Geometry - Service menu?

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My new Samsung has one small problem. On all inputs (especially noticeable in pillar-box mode.) The sides of the display are pinched in slightly so the display has anhour-glass shape. It is not dramatic, but is noticeable.

Is there a setting in the service menu that will allow me to adjust this, or is it a known issue (firmware 3.02)?

Thanks for any forthcoming help.
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I believe the slight hourglass is an optics issue, not something you can change through the menus. I also think that this is a fairly common issue with these sets. The 56" set I saw today showed some slight indications of it.

A question I would have is whether this is normal and/or fixable? Does nearly everyone have this or is it unusual?
Not on mine, but I have a geometry problem too..a slight tilt down to the right.
This is a well-known issue as BTDT said. It is a function of optics and screen and is not tweakable.

You can make it worse by pushing in gently on the center of the screen. I suppose you could make it better by pulling the center of the screen out a bit, but a suction cup in the middle would be distracting to me. :D
nyrjoe, there's no "tilt" adjustment either, unfortunately. If it's really bad I'd ask the seller to exchange the set.

The only geometry settings in the SM are for X- and Y-axis position.
This was one of my concerns when getting a fixed display RPTV. But my panasonic is perfect no tilt or pincushion. Maybe Samsung skimmed on their optics or bad design.
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