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Samsung HLN5065W + HD931 = DVI Cable?

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Samsung HLN5065W + HD931....

Which DVI cables should i use for this setup?

ramelectronics.net/html/DVI_monitor_cables.html?source=overture&OVRAW=DVI%20Cable&OV KEY=cable%20dvi&OVMTC=standard#select

seems like i have a lot of choices...u guys have any idea which ones will get the most out of the DVD player / TV? appricate it :)

edit: add the url info before the address
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"Very few DVI devices currently available today have the two transmitters or receivers necessary for Dual-Link connections"

also, does anyone know if these products are capable of dual-link connections?

You want a male-to-male DVI-D that is long enough for your connection. Either a single or dual link will work fine. Some folks are getting the dual link for potential future applications. My understanding is that the dual link has greater bandwidth capabilities but is actually beyond what you will need for the DLP to DVD player connection.
I have the male to male DVI-D from www.pacificable.com for my exact same set up. (the url may have two Cs).

You can get a dual link for a couple more dollars, but it won't make any difference with the present set up (may be useful for future, however).
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