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Samsung HLP-P6163W Issue with Direct TV

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Hello all... New member here thanks if you can help....

I bought a HL-P6163W from Circuit City here in South Forida...

So far things are great been about a month, I have 2 problems, 1 was the smudge which others have discussed it has only happened once so I am not to worried yet... I did buy the 4 year warrenty from Circuit City so if I have a problem I will post and return it....

The question I have is that when I am watching the feed from Direct TV the screen sometimes goes black for like 1 second. HD and Analog programming... I have a HD Direct Reciever connected through the HDMI cable...Before I contact Samsung and direct has anyone else had this annoyance, it is really not a problem....

It is weird at a point in a movie at a screen change the TV goes black and within a second is good to go, it may happen 2-3 time in an hour....

It does not happen with the DVD player....

Thanks for the help, I will post on the "smudge thread"

Thanks in advance

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It's a problem. Hook it up with your component cables, see if it still occurs, that'll help rule out if it's a problem with the HDMI. Which model receiver is it by the way?
I have a 6163 and DirectTv hooked up with DVI and component and I never encountered this problem.

Thanks to both of you, I am glad I found this forum as I am no expert... The receiver says Direct TV HD Reciever H10 I have searched the manual for the manufactuer and the back of the reciever, not sure who makes it????

Anyways I will switch out to component cables, but that kinda sucks as I shelled out $125 for monster HDMI cable....But is worth to see if that is the issue so good suggestion,,,,,,It has only happened once tonight in 3 hours....very weird, just seeing if anyone else had this issue???

Thanks to both of you in advance....

I have the DVD hooked up DVI thats why I thought HDMI would be best :)

Otherwise things are good....

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Return the Monster HDMI if you can. You can do better for half the price.

My set does this with my DirecTV HD-Tivo. I believe it is the HDCP (high-def copy protection) handshake that makes the 1-second black.
It's either that or something else, but I have noticed the same interesting issue with DirecTV and typically HBO HD, however, it only occurs with HD programming.

I would tend to agree it's something to do with HDCP .

OH , I I don't own a DLP, I own a Panny LCDRP, so, I wouldn't be too concerned about it, it's definately NOT your television.
Take that cable back and get your money back, word of advice, Monster=overpriced rip off cables.... Not saying they are crappy, they just mark the price up on them a lot so vendors make high profit margins off them, that's why your local AV store pushes them so much.

Check out some of the online vendors here, ebay, etc. You should be able to get an HDMI cable for like $20-30 bucks..

Here's one for example..

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