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Samsung HLP5063W HDMI DVI hookups

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I have a Samsung HLP5063W DLP set that I LOVE. I just purchased the new Directv HD TIVO reciever (HR10-250). The problem I have is that when I hook up the receiver to the tv with HDMI or DVI, I get a No Signal message, yet it does work with S-Video. It seems pretty straight forward to plug in the connection and change the setting on the tv to the correct format, HDMI, DVI, etc. Has anyone had a similar problem or knows what I might be doing wrong?? Or could the connection be bad on the receiver or tv? Although I find it hard to believe that neither the HDMI or DVI wouldn't work on my TV. And for a $1000.00 receiver I would expect it not to be defective. Maybe I'm doing some simple obvious thing wrong with hooking this up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!
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Do you have both component and HDMI connected? Try removing the component connections and reboot everything (you might try unplugging the Tivo to get a complete reboot). I've got the same set up (HLP6163). My Denon DVD player is conneced to DVI and Tivo to HDMI. If I try to also connect my Denon with component cables, there is no component signal. I suspect that the Denon detects which is hooked up and switches to DVI if it detects a connection. The Tivo may do the same --but maybe prioritizing the S-video over the HDMI.
Thanks. I only have component hooked up from my A/V receiver to the TV. I don't have anything else from the HD Tivo receiver hooked up to the TV except either HDMI, DVI, S-Video or component at any one time. And the HDMI and DVI don't get a satellite signal to the TV. I'm thinking of exchanging the receiver for another one...seems to me that the connection for HDMI and DVI on the satellite receiver is no good. I don't know if this is a known or common issue with this new HR10-250 Directv receiver and using HDMI and DVI.
Make sure the Directv receiver is outputting 1080i or 720p. If it is outputting 480i or on native resolution, the DVI connection will not recognize it as a signal. Let us know if that works.
You probably have your HD-TIVO set to output 480i. Neither the HDMI nor the DVI cables can pass 480i. Try changing tivo's output format to 720p (the native rez of your tv). This is most simply done by pressing the up arrow button on the tivo remote to toggle through the resolution outputs.
Thanks guys, but I know what you mean by switching the receiver output. I did do that on the reciever...can clearly see the green light change to highlight the correct 720p or 1080i and still doesn't get signal...only with s-video and 480i output setting on receiver.

I see on another Tivo board that this receiver has had some problems with HDMI and DVI outputs. Might need to just keep swapping out units until I get one that works!

AAGHHH! Love paying $1000. for a piece of crap.
OK, the HD-TIVO box only has an HDMI (no DVI) output. Are you using a HDMI-HDMI cable or a HDMI-DVI cable? It might be a bad cable. Double check that you've got the right picture source selected on the Sammy.
My Sammy has DVI and HDMI. The HD-Tivo box came with both cables. When I use either one the HDMI to HDMI or HDMI to DVI, I get the same thing...No Signal. I select the correct source on the set each time. Can't be 2 bad cables. I'm not toooo electronically inclined but this really isn't hard to figure out in terms of setting up the connections, etc. I really think the box is bad at the HDMI connection. Seem to have seen similar problems reported and there appears to be MANY bad HD-Tivo units out there. Planning on swapping the unit out for another at Circuit City tonight...will report back with results.
Go on the TiVo forums. They're littered with people with dead HDMI ports. The quality on the HR10-250 is apparently pretty bad. I'm guessing you have a bad TiVo, not a bad TV.
Interesting. I have the Samsung HLN507W1, and when I hook my TS360 HD receiver via DVI I get a message that says 'Not Supported Mode". I"ve gone through everything I can think of from adjusting the output resolution, to adjusting the output mode and nothing works. It works great via component, just no DVI. I swapped out the receiver for another one thinking it was defective, but no dice.

I have since had tech's come out and they've replaced the digital board on my TV thinking it was the DVI input, but still nothing. I have no idea why it won't work now.
Just wanted to give an update to my problem. Went to Circuit City last night and swapped out my receiver for another. Brought it home, installed in minutes and works great! Just as I suspected the last one had a bad HDMI port on it. Apparently a common problem from what I've read on other message boards. Finally in HDTV heaven! Thanks all
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