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Hey guys! I've looked all over the interwebs and I can't find anything resembling the problem I've been having with my 3-year old HLS5086w, and the service guy that's looked at it is worthless.

About 2 months ago, the set started shutting down as soon as I would turn it on. Three blinking lights, the works. The tech came out and replaced both the bulb and the ballast, and that solved the shut down problem. However, almost immediately, I started noticing problems with the picture. There are weird color banding issues, particularly on flesh tones and bright colors. Light sources (ie. lamps, headlights, etc.) have stark halos and banding around them. Background images are blotchy like you'd see on a watercolor painting, and shadows lack any kind of detail. Here are some pictures:

(Note the blotchy looking guy in the background.)

This is from a Blu-ray of 3:10 to Yuma (Note the banding on the flesh tones)

Banding and blotchy shadows

This is the dashboard of my PS3. That's supposed to be smoke, but it's just a blotchy mess.

The tech came back out, ran some tests in the sevice menu, and said it looked like a problem with the inputs and the main board needed to be replaced. He did that last Friday, and commented that he had "replaced 90% of the parts" in the set, so it shouldn't have any problems. Well, it didn't fix ANYTHING, because the picture is still horrible. To top it all off, the screen has been flickering intermittently!

Is this a simple calibration issue? Is it a problem with the new bulb or ballast? The tech is clueless, and even though the set is still covered under an extended warranty, I'm really tired of calling the guy out here.

Sorry for such a LONG post, but any help you guys can provide would be MUCH appreciated!!!!

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Below are instructions which may help you get back to a good image. Tho the flickering would point to the color wheel, the bulb or the ballast. The adjustment would help the overall pic, but not the flickering. Note on the instructions, you have to go into the service menu. A wrong button push in there can brick your tv. So proceed only if you feel OK with the risk. If I were you, I'd keep calling service till they have to junk your tv and give you a credit towards a new one. I think 3 service call may qualify you. Check the provisions of your extended warranty.

People often experience picture quality issues after replacing color wheel's in Samsung DLPs.

The first thing you should do, is when you receive your new color wheel, look for an instruction sheet with settings to adjust after the installation and do the adjustments. That is usually all that needs to be done.

If however, you are still having some picture problems you may also need to adjust the index delay and the CCA. Some of you know how to do that, but for those who don't I can give general instructions. I have found these instructions on the web, I have not done them myself, so if anyone reading them has clearer or more detailed info, please add it. These instructions are for Samsung HLR 5688, yours may be different. Proceed at your own risk.

BIG WARNING!!!!! on the instructions. They involve you going into the service menu. One wrong button push inside the service menu can ruin your tv. So if you decide to do these adjustments, you are completely on your own and any problems arising from the procedure are yours.

CCA adjustment: 1.Turn off the tv to standby mode. 2.Press "mute"-1-8-2-"power" buttons on the remote. 3. From the Factory Service Mode Menu choose OPTION. 4. Select DMD-DIGITAL, press enter or right arrow key. 5. Press enter or right arrow key, OK should come up. 6. exit Factory Mode. Check the picture quality.

Usually, the CCA adjustment fixes any problems with the color and the next adjustment isn't necessary.

Index Delay adjustment: 1. Turn off the tv and press the same keys to get into the service menu as above. 2. Select "Service" on the first display of the service mode menu. 3. Press the arrow up or arrow down button to move to Index Delay, press enter. 4. The Index Delay screen will show. It has a red bar on the bottom. 5. Press the left or right arrow buttons to adjust to the mean value. (I've never done this and am not sure what the mean value is, so try to find the best shade of red???) Exit out of service menu.

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Originally Posted by ECUdevil /forum/post/18245085

Thanks for the help, mes444. I tried what you suggested, but unfortunately it had absolutely no effect. I've still got the blotchiness and color banding.

Samsung mad 2 different color wheels for this set. If the adjustments did not work for you try this.

Turn TV off and take back off of set.

In the middle of the dmd board by the little fan you will see a 2 pin clip

Take it out and reassemble your set. (You will need a set of needle nose)

Turn on TV and you should be back to normal.
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