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My friend was conned into buying an HLT4675S with obvious shipping damage and a shoddy repair done by a local dealer. The set is only viewable if put on the floor, i.e. you have to be standing up to get a decent picture when it's sitting on an 18" stand. He gave it to me for nothing this past weekend.

It looks like the light beam isn't hitting the center of the screen. The image itself looks centered, though. The screen is laying flat inside the cabinet, and I have played with the light-tunnel adjustments but that doesn't seem to solve it.

I have attached some photos. The light is low enough it causes a reflection of the top portion of the screen.

Would adjusting the DMD help? It seems like shimming the top of it back would line the beam up. Or does this look like a problem in the light tunnel itself?

Been coming to AVS for years, first time I had to post. Thanks, Nate in Milwaukee.

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