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Hi all,

I have a 42" Samsung HP-R4252 flat screen plasma TV. The other day, a vertical, multi-color band (mostly light blue, some red, a little yellow), about 3-inches thick appeared near the center of the length of the screen, and it runs from top to bottom.

The band is present in all situations while the TV is powered on. I detached all input/output cables and it is still present, indicating it is the TV, and not a connection to the TV.

The band overlays all other images, including the menu screen. It is stationary, and hasn't changed in position or composition since it first appears (to my knowledge).

I removed the back panel and reseated the ribbons/made sure their connection was solid. No luck in fixing things. The ribbons are on the side, so I assumed the band would be horizontal if this was the culprit, but tried it first, just in case.

Interestingly, the band is of nearly identical placement and width on the screen as the Cable card slot, as well as little fan motor (not seen/underneath the part of the panel I didn't remove, but just above the cable card slot) in the one picture below. Probably coincidental. But I figured that tidbit would at least give you an idea of where the band is at, while looking at the back panel.

So, I'm above average tech-savvy, but as more of a generalist. I'm hoping one of you fine specialists might be able to decipher my problem and suggest a DIY solution. I'd rather fix it myself if possible, and if the cost isn't approaching what I could get a new TV for, nowadays.

See some of the attached photos I took.


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