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Samsung HPS4253 picture mode issue

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I just got a Samsung plasma HDTV(HPS4253) for CC.

i got two issues here need help:

1. If i use "INFO" button on the remote , the TV

shows that the picture mode is at so call "shop mode"

but from menu it only has "dynamic", "standard" and

"custom" mode . where is this "shop mode" came


2. I am able to programm the "custom" picture mode

(contrast, brightness ,etc) however the TV seems not

be able to save it.

the scenario is that whenever i use remote to

switch off the TV and switch on later on.

the picture mode( contrast, brightness) goes back to

original factory setting.

Is it because of "shop mode" ?

TV input : comcast analog cable only.

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Hello I have the same problem, did you buy a floor model by chance? I did and I think that is what shop mode is a display mode that automatically changes any user changes to some preset, so that people can make changes to the tv when viewing it at a store and then having those changes discarded after a few minutes....it may be something that is has to be changed in the service menu though I don't know how to access it on this tv. I am going back to the store where I bought the tv from to see if they can help me. Hit me up if you find a solution.
Check and see if it saves settings in the other modes. Samsung had a problem with the 53 series not saving settings in all the modes
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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