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Hello everyone,

I recently bought a Samsung HT-AS720S and I am really happy about it so far.

Here's my set-up:




Sharp LC-46D64U

Samsung HT-AS720S

Cable box - Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250 HD

Nintendo Wii

Sony PS3




PS3 --> HDMI --> AV receiver

Cable box --> HDMI --> AV receiver

Wii --> Component --> TV --> TV composite audio out (RCA) --> AV receiver (for Dolby PLII)

AV receiver --> HDMI --> TV

No Toslink used

No coaxial digital used

There is however one issue I am experiecing that is quite annoying...

When watching TV, everytime I switch channels with the cable box remote, I get some kind of screeching sound from the front right speaker.

It lasts about half a second, just the time for the new selected channel to pop up on the screen.

The sound volume level is the same as the actual volume level of the system, and it only comes out from the front right speakers.

I switched the speaker-end cables of both front speakers, and the sound came out of the front left speaker, meaning the speakers themselves are not at fault, and that the A/V received itself is sending that signal through the speaker cable.

Any ideas as of what might be causing this ?

And is it harmful for the system in the long run ?

Thanks for any pointers you can offer me.

Cheers !
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