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I have spent 3+ hrs now dialing, googling, reading - after about 2 hrs of programming attempts - ugh!!!!

I have a motorola 6412 dct dvr for comcast.

The old remote volume button stopped working, so went and got a new one - easy peasy - right? I just got the Vizio 55" LCD and the Samsung HT-C550 home theater in a box.

Vizio device code worked with the first try.

Samsung numbers on the motorola (grey remote with red ok button) didn't work for Audio receivers, dvd players - anything listed.

There were NO HTB buttons of any kind.

The worst part is this worked 2 days ago and voila - does not now.

I'd really like to make this remote work - i have plenty of others, but now this is a mission.

Anyone have a device code for ANY of the Samsung Home Theaters?

Thanks in advance,

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