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I recently ordered a samsung hlp 5085. Should be here in about a week. I did see one in the store though that was shown...with one of Samsung's home theater systems. It had the HT=DS1000 (receiver,DVD, speaker combo)connected to the 5085.

I really like the look of these two together...same case / lighting and whatnot.

My question concerns the DVD player that is in the HT-DS1000. I have been able to come across any reviews for this product, and on Samsung's site they only mention that it s a progressive DVD player.

I'm not very up on the DVD players that are upconverters...ones that push up the PQ. (I've seen mention of these supeqrbit DVDs that have a higher bitrate...I just want to make sure that I would be getting the full benefit PQ wise with these DVDs)......I'm guessing that this DVD player is not one of those...as there is no mention of it in its specs.

I've become a bit mroe confused...because I hear that the Faroudja chip is the one that does this upconverting. I thought I read somewhere that this chip is in the HLP 5085, and works across all the inputs for the TV. Is this true? Or are there diff. variations of this chip???Genesis?that do lesser work than the Faroudja chips in standalone DVD players.?

So bottom line, the TV is on order..and I am almost set to go with the HT-DS1000 set...pending this info. Do I really need to run out and get a seperate DVD player, or would this one suffice...with the Faroudja processing within the 5085?

Again, I have become confused on this topic...so I may be way off in my guesswork here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much in advance,

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