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I can't find any reviews anywhere of the Samsung HT-X715T.

Has anyone used this unit yet?

I have a Samsung TOC 46", would like to get the matching unit for Blu-Ray and Cable HD viewing. I really like the wireless speakers.

Any thoughts?

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Probably too late for you guys but I have an HT-X715T

Its was the only wall mounted one I could find that 5.1 speakers. This was my main criteria for purchase which early 2009. The DVD player is wasted on me as I have a PS3 which, btw, I do find plays DVDs better and is easier to navigate.

How has it worked out? Well I love it but it hasn't been entirely without issues but I'm still hoping its just lack of user knowledge.

My setup

Samsung LN46A650 to PS3 via HDMI

PS3 connected to Home theatre via Digital optical

Home Theater to TV via HDMI

With the exception of the rear speakers I have it all on the wall, from left to right; Left speaker, Home Theatre, HDTV with center velcro'd to bottom, then PS3 and right speaker.

The HDTV hides the cable and power outlets. So the only cables you see are the short distance between these components and then the speaker cables which go to the subwoofer.

This seemed to me like a good compromise between having it look tidy and the expense of the in wall cabling which in my case may have been tricky given the type of wall and the Coop building I live in.

I ended up getting the SWA-4000 wireless transmitter which in theory works well but in practice has offered an intermittent issue which I think is to do with a combination of the setting I have on my PS3 and the perhaps some the interference. I do live in a studio Manhattan apartment so I image there a good density of frequency usage.

The sound just cuts out on some DVDs/Blurays. I'm sure a more comprehensive manual would have helped in narrowing down on the issue which is why troubleshooting the problem is still work in progress.

Overall I'm happy and aside from the above these are the issues which aren't obvious on the box:

1 - Anynet can be annoying because when I switch from HT to PS3 as the HDTV source the Home Theatre switches off and obviously I want the home theatre to play the PS3 sound. Actually its more frustrating because its inconsistent. Some times it does and some times it doesn't. In a slightly different situation I was playing music but I couldn't get the HDTV to switch off without switching off the Home theatre too.

2 - Bluetooth is just to receive which really is a great idea however I was hoping it would transmit so I could use my bluetooth headphones. I have the bluetooth dongle but, additional component aside, you have to plug and unplug and it would have great to have remote control over this. I'm dreaming but perhaps its only a frimware update away??

3 - It seems like you can only eject the DVD using the remote.

The mp3, jpeg etc capabilities are nice to have but I have found that the PS3 is much better. I only use when I can't find the remote.
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