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Hi all

I hope this isn't me just missing something obvious, but here goes.

Got a samsung home cinema kit, the ht-e4200. Its not that great i know, but one thing really bugging me is that it won't seem to accept the optical connection from a sky+ hd box.

I am sure i have done all the right things. The toslink cable is firmly connected at each end, i am on d-in input, the sky box is set to dolby out. However the connection is not glowing red at the samsung end (it is at the sky box end), and the digital input part of the settings screen is greyed out.

I haven't mentioned the tv set up as i can't see how that comes into it. The audio runs straight from the sky box to the samsung.

Am i missing something obvious? Is there an issue connecting sky + boxes via optical to samsung home cinemas generally? Or have i just got a lemon?

All help gratefully received.

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