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Samsung HTIB HW-C560 S question

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Hello, I am a newbie to home theater and to this forum. I just bought this HTIB in end of July, the main reason was 4 HDMI inputs. I have attached the samsung Blu ray to one input and a Bell receiver to the 2nd HDMI input but to my disappointment, receiver is not showing my bell express vu satellite receiver in the input lists. I called Samsung and they told me receiver will not read this satellite PVR (which I dont think so as the guy on the customers service gave me the impression that he wants to get rid of the calls with issues). they asked me to connect the satellite PVR directly to TV and then get an optical out to theater receiver.

Is this true, can anyone please let me know the correct way to do this? or this is the only way I can get the good quality sound i-e through optical out from TV?
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Guys, I have figured this out so if anyone has this issue, please let me know.
Hello I just got this theatre system, so how did you get your satellite hooked up. And also is the hw c560s 3d compatible

How did you solve this issue?!!

I just purchased and hooked up this same system. I am having similar issues, and from doing some reading and trying out every possible setting on the receiver, I decided to post a thread:

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