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I purchased a Sumsung AV Receiver primarily because of the smart apps and allshare option for my other samsung components and TVs.

I hooked up the unit last night, and in order for it to output any non HDMI signal through the HDMI arc output, the receiver requires the resolution to be turned down on devices to 480i (in the manual it says it cannot support anything set at a higher resultion). The items I have hooked up in non-HDMI ports are an Xbox 360 (Component, it is an old xbox) and Wii (also component).

I haven't gone through and unhooked the xbox and wii to connect them to the TV and lower the resolution, I was planning on doing that tonight, but I thought I would ask the group if this is even worth doing. I have a feeling the xbox is going to look terrible once I set it to SD and then "see what happens" after it runs through the receiver.

Any help you all have would be greatly appreciated.
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