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Samsung HW-F355 Soundbar DTS 2.0 and Dolby Digital- Optical issues

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Hi, i'm new to this forum and I'm a big fan of tech products.


I just bought a Samsung LED UN55FH6030 and I didn't like the sound from it so I decided to buy a soundbar. I went for a cheap one from Samsung, the HW-F355. A optical cable was included in the box and there were no HDMI ports on the soundbar so I decided to plug the optical cable (TOSLINK) from the soundbar to the TV optical port. All my other equipment is plugged to the tv in hdmi (Playstation 4 and Cable STB).


Now, I know for a fact that PCM cannot output Lossless Audio (DTS 7.1 and Dolby True HD) when connected through optical. I also know that my soundbar supports Dolby Digital and DTS 2.0 Channels (it's written in the manual, on the soundbar and on the box). I noticed that when I choose surround sound in my Cable box settings, if I go to the sound options of my TV I can change PCM to Dolby Digital. I think that's because my Cable Box supports Dolby Digital 5.1 I also tried playing a movie that was in MKV format with DTS MA 7.1 and DTS HD in the USB port of my TV and when I went to the sound options of my TV, now I could choose DTS as it was no longer greyed out. The sound quality was better when I did that.


Now the problem I have is that on the PS4 if I want to watch a movie in DTS or Dolby Digital, I have to choose bitstream direct I think because if I don't do it the PS4 will only output PCM in Stereo 2.0 mode because the soundbar is plugged to the TV though optical. I tried choosing bistream direct in ps4 sound settings (for the games and bluray to at least output in Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS) and in the sound options of my TV, Dolby Digital and DTS were greyed out I could only chose PCM as opposed to when I was watching a movie in USB or watching the Cable Box.


So I'm all confused, why can I modify the sound options of my TV (from PCM to Dolby Digital or DTS) when I'm watching MKV over USB or when watching Cable Box but I can't do it when playing games or watching bluray on the PS4? What would be the best settings for my PS4 to get the best quality possible out of my setup?
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The Samsung Soundbar is the HW-F355. The soundbar supports DTS and Dolby Digital decoding (the regular 5.1) but not Dolby True HD and DTS MA.


PS4, Cable Box plugged to TV with HDMI and soundbar goes into the TV optical out (No HDMI ports on the soundbar). My TV is a Samsung LED that can let 5.1 passthrough. I can switch the options in the sound settings of the TV and put it to DTS or DD. What I'm wondering is:


Let's say I chose DTS on my TV and play a USB movie through my TV USB port that was encoded in DTS, I can switch from PCM to DTS in my TV sound options.

So after that I guess the DTS signal from the movie is being downconverted into Stereo since I have a soundbar and not a full 5.1 system with 5 speakers? What's the difference is I leave the sound option to PCM on the TV? Will both processes be equivalent? Will the resulting sound be the same at the end as both will be converted to stereo in the end?

I cannot believe with the knowledge of everyone on these forums that nobody can answer me
It is your TV and not your other equipment. I explained how the TV has to authenticate with the source to tell it what it is capable of receiving. If the TV is only capable of receiving a stereo signal that is all that will get passed to the sound bar whether through HDMI's ARC connection or optical connection. I explained it in more detail here in post #2.

Also in post 8 is some TVs CNET tested to see which pass 5.1 signals through to optical. Here it is again.

Your only solution would be to use an optical switcher and connect to your sound bar instead of the TV if you want the 5.1 signal with that sound bar.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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