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Good morning all,
I just picked a Samsung HW-H550 sound bar yesterday. -http://www.samsung.com/us/video/home-audio/HW-H550/ZA

My old Vizio VSB210WS died (thermal overload issue) last week.
After looking into reviews it seemed to me that this soundbar was about the best bang for the mid $300 range

I have done a search in the forums for this model with little to no results.
I was wonder if anyone has this model and how they like it?

It sounds a lot different then my old Vizio SB, its almost as if there is no center channel, lots of surround sound but lacks in center voice channel when someone appears to be speaking to you.

Im wondering if there was a better choice in the $300 to $400. range. I bought it at Bestbuy and have 30 days to swap it out for something else.

Hopefully some of you guys will share your opinions.

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