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Samsung hw-n950 with lg c8 issues

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A few glitches I've had, and I know most are..

The only way I don't get audio lag is if I have my Xbox one X plugged into the HDMI 1 slot in the soundbar. If I do arc with the Xbox one X, I get like a 1 second audio delay... But the switch and ps4 pro are great on arc.. so that's annoying..

Secondly.. this is a weird one.. If I plug in our 2012 MacBook pro into the lg c8 or hw-n950.. and turn the tv on.. smart mode has no audio, all the audio is like muted and glitchy. And if I walk over and unplug the MacBook, it magically fixes, and I've even tried plugging the MacBook into the "IN" sat/cable of the Xbox. And the setup literally hates the MacBook. And yah I've tried different cables. . .

Other than that... I love the sound and experience. But being ocd.. those issues bug the crap out of me...

Because we use the MacBook pro for Plex, and we use it to stream rogers ignite tv. . Cuz we use my parents account, so we get tv for free lol. And there's no other ways to get ignite streaming, because you can't mirror it, it has protection on it.. . .

So yah . Little glitches. Will always bug me.
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