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Samsung Internal Reflections

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Do you see internal reflections on your Samsung DLP?
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Only on a dark screen - don't notice any when a program or DVD is on.
I'm not certain what information you hope to get from this survey. It's already been determined a long time ago that the reflection is of a physical nature within the light engine design itself. Differences in firmware won't have any effect on whether folks see it or not. As such, the results will be totally arbitrary and meaningless.
I think it was only a guess that the problem source was determined. There are those who don't have the problem or the problem is very minor on the newer sets. The version number could determine an approximate build date when the problem disappeared. So it could be a design issue or a quality control issue on different versions.
I have never seen it, and I have my set for nine months now.
When poll has a question with a "yes or no" answer, it's helpful to have 'no' as a possible answer.
Um, it doesn't have a yes/no answer: It says IF you see them, what firmware? Now, I agree that a better question could have been

Do you see reflections, and if so, what firmware, with a no possibility. :)

The "Internal Reflections" has been a problem since the introduction of the Samsung DLP series. Samsung does not think they are worth addressing at this time. New firmware is not going to resolve the issue.

Every unit I have looked at has had the same level of "Internal Reflections". The people that do not see it, are not setting up the right conditions to see the problem (i.e. If you view the set in a lighted environment, they are not noticable). I would be willing to bet that I could point them out on every set out there.

P.S. My HLN617W has them and it has a "302" firmware and a manufactured date of August 2003.

It is just one of the "pluses" and "minuses" that every set has today.

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Originally posted by leesweet
Do you see reflections, and if so, what firmware, with a no possibility. :)
Exactly, so all the answers are going to be in the affirmative. I can see the wrap up on CNN now... "In a recent poll, 100% of Samsung DLP owners see internal reflections."
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