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Anyhow, bought a Samsung LN-S3238D LCD HDTV last week. Overall, I'm happy with the picture and the features, but there's one quirk that's bugging me.

For now, for DVDs, I'm running 480p output from a Philips DVP-642. QUIRK: Occasionally - probably once an hour of run time - I'll notice a pair of fine dark horizontal lines somewhere near the bottom of the screen, and the screen image below these lines is horizontally shifted about a half-inch to an inch to the left (maybe right). No time-differential I can see.

It generally lasts less than 5 seconds and appears completely at random, but

I thought I caught it pop and off for split seconds at a time during some furiously edited strobing scene in a horror flick.

As above, if the scene in the program changes, the lines vanish and the image goes back to normal. If I hit pause or next chapter, it also goes away. Often it vanishes as quickly as I notice it. In one particular instance where it lasted about 10 seconds, it seemed to creep slowly up the screen.

What is this? Is the set bad? Is something having trouble keeping up with something else? Is it the DVD player, or some DVDs maybe? (I've tried

different players, with similar results.) Do I need better Y/Pb/Pr cables?

I've also read about firmware issues in other similar Samsungs using 480p.

Again, the phenomena ONLY shows up with 480p input. Nothing like it on 480i, S-Video or AV.

Thanks in advance.
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