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Hi All,

I'm a new owner of this TV (Australian model identical, I think, to the LN46B750 in the USA) and have a question about playing movies from an external USB HDD. Everything works fine. For those formats it can play (not as many as I'd hoped) the quality is excellent. My only question concerns switching between TV and and external USB flash drive or HDD.

Iif I want to stop watching the movie on the USB flash or HDD and go to the TV that’s easy. Just press a button. But if I want to switch back to HDD soon after I have navigate through all the menus on the HDD until I find the movie again. Only at that point does the bookmark function (which Samsung calls ‘resume play’) kick in and I can continue where I left off. So it takes quite a lot of time and hassle to get back to the HDD from the TV.

All I want to know is whether there is an easier way to do this: an easier way to switch from HDD to TV and then back again (as would be the case if I were to switch between a media player (such as Popcorn Hour) and the TV. (Currently I don't have a media player so I can't use it to play files).

any ideas appreciated.
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