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Just last week my 3 year old Samsung 46"LCD TV became the victim of the dreaded "click of death", that clicking noise which is associated with failed capacitors which seems to have affected Samsung LCD's built prior to 2010.

Fearing the worst, that my warranty was over and I'd have to pay the full shot, I called Samsung Canada and asked what options I had. They asked for my model and serial number and after a few minutes on hold, they acknowledged that my model is prone to this capacitor issue and that I was entitled to one free at home repair! The only proviso is that I had to produce the original bill of sale. I faxed them the bill which we had thankfully saved and 3 days later a tech arrived at our house, repaired the 2 leaking capacitors and all is well again!

So if your in Canada and your Samsung LCD has the clicking problem due to leaking or bulging capacitors, give Samsung Canada a call and you may be entitled to the free repair.
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