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this is my first post, and i really couldn't find any other posts on this subject.

i bought a Samsung LCD back in december its the Samsung LN-S3251D,

and only recently i see this line about one inch form the bottom of the display showing up and kind of distorting that area of the picture, this only has been happening ramdonly for about a month and a half now, i first noticed it during this one part of what i was watching where there were a lot of flashing lights and a lot of moment (NIN DVD). and i saw it again a couple of more times on other dvds so i knew it wasn't just that DVD. one weekend i unplugged all the cables and re-arranged them and put them back nicely just so when people see back they don't freak out, and it stopped doing it. A week ;ater my friend bought a newer samsung model, and he called me one night at midnight asking me about this line, i told him not to worry about it that he might just need to plug the cables better, he did and it still happens, and what freaks me out about it is that when i went over to his house it happens more frequently an dthe lines actually sometimes slides upwards, we both went to best buy and one of the salesmen there said he's never heard anything like that, but he did mention that one of teh batches he received in this particular best buy all had a dead pixel in the same area, so i assume is possible that other people who bought the same model as i did have the same problem. one last thing, both my friend and i see the lines when playback through the component inputs.

i would like to know if there are other posts about this issue, or if someone knows what it is exactly, do i have to return the tv, do i get it repaired? or is a surge protector enough to solve this problem?

i know some people posts images about what they are talking about on their posts, but it's just too random for me to capture it.
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