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Hello, hoping someone might have some input into my problem. I've had the aboved named TV for about 5 years. The picture quality has been decent until yesterday.

I'm having difficulty in finding the words to describe the display issue, so please bear with me.

All of a sudden it appears like the contract increased, normal color faces started to have excessive yellow undertones, and then later in the night, excessive red undertones.

The cable TV guide text looks more blurry with same colour issues.

The indoor or darker scenes were much more dark, and (the best way I could describe it) the black images started to have a weird dark red/purple/blue hue (kinda what you might see on a TV with a low contrast ratio)

When searching the TV guide on the display and then reverting back to the show, I'd see temporary burn-in? or ghosting of the tv-guide image on the tv show.

The only thing I had done different yesterday was hooked up a new blu-ray player via the receiver, and moved a speaker out of the way that was sitting next to the TV.

Everything I did, i undid, to see if anything was the cause.

-I thought it was the cable box, by connecting it to another tv, not the cause.

-I thought it could be the HDMI connection on the TV so tried another input. not the cause

-I tried another output source, same issue with the display

-I tried a different HDMI cable, no go

-I tried resetting the display settings , nada

-I tried unplugged and plugging the TV back in

Ii'm overwhelmed in debt so I'd rather prefer to not replace my TV but rather fix it (Although i would LOVE an excuse to get a bigger and slimmer TV)

I figured I try to get some one to take a look at it, but would rather see if there is anything 'free' i can do or check myself first. And perhaps see if this is a recognized issue so I could

better describe the issue to Samsung.

I tried to take a picture of the issue, but the issues don't seem to come across in a photo properly. I was able to capture a decent photo, and what you see is what i actually see on the TV (just a little more pronouced in the pic)

Any insight would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

IMG_14141.JPG 968k .JPG file


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