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samsung lcd turns off and other things!

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Hey all,

I originally posted this in the official thread for this model but believe it is going to get buried or unread. so I apologize for the double post.

I have a samsung ln46a530. I owned it for well over a year and now am starting to have problems with it. So here it goes:

1st problem was the power turning off and on by itself. once it turned itself off I wouldnt be able to turn it back on with out unplugging it for over a minute. The red light would just flash when i pushed the power button on the remote.

what I did: from reading about bad capacitors, I checked the power board and found no bad caps. In fact I have a different power board than what I have been reading. (Today)I did find 2 10v 1000uf caps and replaced them with 35v 1000uf caps but it does the same thing.

2nd thing and this just started: the source would change very often to say the tv source, then would race through all the channels.

what i did: thinking may be a bad remote, remove the batteries from remote and still everything would happen as before. I covered the little eye that receives remote signal and still channels would change.

please let me know what you think. I know where i get replacement boards for the tv and as I build pc's as a hobby I am not afraid of opening the back off this thing and swapping out boards. Please also note I am not interested in seeing posts about having a service tech look at this.

thanks for your help and understanding.
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I would:

1. Open, clean, blow, re-seat all cables.

2. Flash firmware.
Thanks for the reply MrBobb. I did do both. I did the flash a while back. In fact it was fine before the flash upgrd. It didnt start acting up immediately after the upgrd so it is hard to say that is the issue. Thought i saw somewhere about reverting back to original flash, maybe i can try that. Any Ideas about what boards may affect the channel and source changing automatically?

I need some help with my LN46A530 as well. Here are my symptoms...

About 6 months after I got the tv, I turned it on & saw a black screen w/ a purple line across the top. I turned it off, waited a couple of minutes, then turned it on again & it was fine. I assumed it was my cable box, but I'm not sure. This happens maybe once every couple of months, but it's fine after I turn it off then back on.

A larger issue I've been having lately is that as I was watching tv, the screen went to green snow, then I heard a loud buzz, then the tv shut off. It tried to come back on (I heard the click, indicating that it was coming back on), but it clicked back off, then back on again, over and over. The red light flashed the whole time. When I left it unplugged for a couple of hours, I could watch tv again for about 10 minutes before it clicked off again & the whole process started over.

I've read it could be a power supply issue as well as a motherboard issue. Can anyone lend a hand please?

Originally Posted by IA_Chiefs_fan /forum/post/18653849

I've read it could be a power supply issue as well as a motherboard issue. Can anyone lend a hand please?

I know one thing, it's definitely on the fritz and on it's way to TV heaven.

Nothing much to do except to contact the warranty service, hopefully it's still covered.

Good luck either way.
Out of warranty :-( Hopefully someone can help me figure out which part is the problem.
you got multiple problems with that TV

the purple line is caused by a bad connection on the edge of the LCD panel to the driver IC or a failing Driver IC.

the on and off problem sounds like bad/failing capacitors on the power supply but could also be a mainboard problem.

on a side note both are fairly common problems with samsung LCD TV's esp the capacitor problems on the power supply.

if you have some experience with soldering on electronics its cheap and easy to replace the capacitors if that is the problem, try going on you tube and searching for samsung capacitor replacement etc. a guy put up 2 videos demonstrating how to identify the bad caps and replace them, also another sign of how widespread this problem has become on many Samsung TV's
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