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So my  cable box  stopped working on my tv and I had no cable, ive never dealt with image retention or screen burn before so I didn't know this was gonna happen. On my TV it said "One Moment Please This Channel Should Be Available Shortly Error Code blah blah whatever"  That message stayed up on my tv I would say for a couple of hours. I didn't know it was going to stay on my tv though.

Obviously, I had no cable. How does this relate to my PS4 you ask? Well it stuck through my screen whenever I started playing my video games or doing anything related to my TV. it was on my PS4 home screen, menus. It's basically behind everything I play, it almost blends in with everything. It's making it impossible to play. Normally, I would have thought this was a cable issue. But when my new cable box got replaced and turned back on the message stayed when I played my video games and when I was watching TV.


Basically, the message that was there hasn't gone away. So I assume it's this image retention thing.. 


I tried to do research they said to play certain white and black patterns and other videos to get rid of it. And I did for a couple of hours, it made it slightly better than it is now.

They said to connect ur tv to ur pc, but I couldn't so I just watched them on youtube from my ps4. It's better but still very there when im playing my games. 


What can I do to get rid of it? The method right now that im trying is keeping my tv off for like 2 days, and hoping this tuesday it will be gone when I turn it back on.



Here are the pics, I put a red square around the areas so you guys can see it, because it's very hard to in these photos.











Is there anything else I can do to fix this? What do you guys think? :(
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