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Samsung LCD TV Problems and Question

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I have a Samsung LCD Model LN-R408D that is about 2.5 years old. As of today, I am not able to get a picture on the screen. The screen is a medium-dark blue-gray. I can still here the sound. Also, when I push menu, volume, source button on the remote I do not see it on the screen.

Any suggestions as to the problem????
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any info would be appreciated..
It is really impossible for us to diagnose the problem. Try some different components to input, like a dvd player or game system, still no picture? Try different inputs like HDMI, component, still no picture? If nothing provides a picture you'll need to call a repair shop and talk to them.
Did this just happen out of the blue? Try another input connection.
Thanks for the response, I am a newbie in this area. However, I have tried all that you mentioned and nothing results in a picture.

Thanks again, just was hoping someone else had experienced this problem.
Yes, I just turned on the TV Thursday morning and it wasn't working..at least the picture anyway.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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