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First of all, let me say to anyone thinking of a Samsung, and this one specifically, I love it and would recommend it.

It is new tho and I am wondering if someone can share some excellent picture settings with me. Thank You. I am a non-gamer if that matters. (I think it does or should)

Lastly, How can I use Picture in Picture. I believe I can answer the Question myself, but just want to make sure. I Can't, right...at least in trying to watch one channel in PIP while on another channel on the main screen. The reason being this TV does not have two tuners. I would have to be on another source like DVD to watch TV.

Is that correct. And if so, why with all this technology would they not include two tuners and yet on a tube tv two years ago you could ??

I could be even wrong about how to watch PIP. I said I could if I was on DVD. now my dvd is hooked up to HDMI. I may have read a post that said you have to be under two different connections. Is that correct. I am almost certain of the condition I listed above, but how about this one. When and how can I watch it.

Thanks again so much

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