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My LN-S4696D TV died. The standby light is off and there is no clicking when powering on/off. I looked at the power supply and there are no swollen or leaking caps, both fuses are good and I don't see any burnt/broken parts. I downloaded a service manual but neither the picture nor the schematic for this power supply PCB seem to be correct for this unit.

My power supply's tag reads: SEC S/N CN08BN4400141ASE38AB20662 R.C.

So, this is a BN4400141A power supply. My research shows 2 possible IP board numbers. They are: IP-350135A and IP-350801A.

If it helps, this board has 2 bus fuses at right angles to each other in the lower right hand corner. I suspect that the correct board number is the IP-350135A.

PROBLEM: Because I can't seem to find the proper schematic, I can not locate Test Point A5V so that I can ascertain if I have a bad power supply or a bad main board.

Does anyone have the pdf of the schematic for this board that they can post or e-mail to me. I also need to know if board number IP-350135A is the correct replacement PCB for this unit. Any additional help to isolate my problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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