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Hi i have a LN-T4061 lcd tv. My mainboard i knew was going. I was losing channels. So i bought a used board off ebay. Samsung Board 0749 TULIP/SAFFRON BN41-00843D FP-T5084.

After installing this, turining tv on colors were bad.

I went into service mode and changed it from VESA to JEIDA, and the colors are back to normal. Why is it the opposite from what is mentioned here in this thread?

I had the same board in there thinking i was getting a updated one, assuming i had a BN41-00843A, turns out i had a BN41-00843D TULIP/SAFFRON already. But why would i have to change anything in service mode then?

Anyways i pick up my channels again, but the local hd ones are choppy, i cant figure out why. All i can think of if theres any other settings i need to set in service mode.

Any Ideas?
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