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Just wanted to make a thread for everyone with an LN-Txx61f/65f with board/firmware 1011/1037.

Im not too pleased with 1499/Randm's/Googlers settings and I know this set can produce something better!!

Here are my current settings. I used 1499/Randm's as a starting point.

Picture Settings

Mode: Movie

Contrast: 90

Brightness: 44

Sharpness: 25

Color: 55

Tint: 50

Backlight: 5 (6 for more pop in the image)

Color Tone: Warm1

Digital NR: Auto

Detailed Settings

Black Adjust: Off

Dynamic Contrast: Medium

Gamma: -1

Color Space: Auto

Edge Enhancement: On

xvYCC: Off

White Balance

R-Offset: 21

G-Offset: 20

B-Offset: 21

R-Gain: 4

G-Gain: 12

B-Gain: 20

My Color Control

Pink: 25(The pink is set this high to compensate for what I believe is a green push)

Green: 15

Blue: 15

White: 15


Energy Saving: Off

HDMI Black Level: Low

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I thought I would share these settings for my 61f(1011/1037)

Mode: Movie

Contrast: 80

Brightness: 65

Sharpness: 20

Color: 45

Tint: 56G

Backlight: 4

Temp: Warm 1

Gamma: -1

EE: On/Off whatever you like.

White Balance

R-Off - 16

G-Off - 15

B-Off - 16

R-Gain - 12 (Note I went into the service menu and changed the W1_Gain under Movie from 70 to 30)

G-Gain - 14

B-Gain - 21

These settings are a mixture of post 1499/Tweak TVs/BLURAY DVI/various posts found here by other people. Post 1499 had a perfect white balance from what I could see but it was set up for a Gamma of - 1(Yes I know I am using the -1 Gamma I will tell you why later). TweakTV as well as alot of people from AVS found that contrast is best at 80. BLURAY DVI/ Tweak both found color should be 45. I figured out the tint by using the classic method of looking through the blue filter at a color pattern. Now I know you think the brightness is too high. Why I noticed about these TVs is there is alot of artificial enhancments. Dynamic Contrast/Dynamic Dimming(This was new to me) so maybe it does something to the blacks. Just try brightness on 65 and adjust the brightness in game. Now for the white balance.

What I wanted is white balance that goes with Gamma at 0. When you reset the mode you will get a gamma of 0 and white balance all at 15. So thats what I wanted initially to have my Gamma at 0 but the calibration done at TweakTV showed the White Balance at default(15) and the Gamma at -1. Okay I would just try to use Wood's grey scale calibration and make it so the lowest Offset would me 15. Wood's G-Offset was the lowest, so I put it at 15. Then I just used simple math to figure out the rest. I got took away 5 from 20 to get 15 for G-Offset. So I took away 5 from the other offsets, and the other gains. Oh but wait R-Gain was already at 0. So I knew I had to go into the service menu to change the R-Gain to from 15 to a lower value. So this is what I did.


W/B Movie

Switch mode from Dynamic to Movie by using the directional buttons(this does nothing to your tv, it just displays the values that should be under those settings)

Color Tone to Warm1(again this does nothing but display values)

W1_RGain(Ah Ha! That is what I wanted!)

W1_RGain was at 70 so I changed it the be lower. The increments are different in the service menu. If you want one notch you would have to go down 5.(This is only a guess)

So truth be told I dont know exactly what R-Gain should be. I just set it so the yellows don't look so green.

Anyway hope some people enjoy these settings. I know I am!
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