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No Blu-ray yet so these are from SD Upconversion Sources:

These are my settings that work best from 3 sources and streaming video(Hulu), in a lightly lit room.

Resolution set @1920x1080 from all sources.

I know the set is 720p however, inputing 1080p delivers better PQ.

1-WDTV - Nice PQ but the navigation needs work. Returning it for now.

2-HTPC 8600GT-w-nVidia PureVideo - Several Software Players

-Hulu is outstanding, again @1920x1080

-Of the three sources, the htpc has the worst PQ unless streaming from Hulu. Still working on it.

3-Philips DVP5982/37 I'm sure there are better upconverters out there, but the 5982 is amazing.

One other note, I had an Olevia 537h that was considered one of the best SDTV's and the Sammy blows it away.

Settings: I used Televisioninfo's calibration as a starting point.

Picture Mode: Movie

Backlight: 5

Contrast: 95

Brightness: 60

Sharpness: 70

Color: 45

Black Tone: Off

Dynamic Contrast: Low

Gamma: +3

Color Space: Auto

White Balance: ---

Flesh Tone: 0

Edge Enhancement: On

Color Tone: Warm1

Size: Screen Fit (Even 16:9 is a slight zoom feature that distorts the image)

Digital NR: Off

*HDMI Black Level: LOW

The WDTV and DVP5982 are grayed out, but the black levels by default are very good for both.

If the PC is set to Normal instead of LOW, everything is way off.

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Originally Posted by Odysseus18 /forum/post/17029542

I don't know how it delivers a better picture since the set just down scales back to 1366x768

When the PC res is set at 1366x768, many of the TV settings are grayed out, so maybe it can downscale 1920x1080 better than it can upscale 1280x720(720p)

"...the 1080 incoming resoultion is 2 times what the display can show, and since it has twice the information it needs, the 1366 display can really do a great job."

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I realize I'm opening up 4-month old thread, but I just got an LN32B360 and for the life of me I can't get rid of the greenish tint in everything. I've played around with the settings quite a bit but I'm still not quite there. I'm a lot better than stock settings, but here's where I'm at:

Mode Movie

Backlight 7

Contrast 95

Bright 50

Sharp 60

Color 55

Tint G/R 40/60

Black Tone Dark

Dynamic Contrast Off

Gamma +2

Color Space - Auto

White Balance:

R-Offset - 24

G-Offset - 21

B-Offset - 28

R-Gain 35

G-Gain 15

B-Gain 19

Fleshtone 0

Edge Enhancement Off

Color Tone Warm 2

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Used the settings from CNETs review but found the Movie setting dreary and yellowish - changed over to Standard setting and the wife was really happy! (And you know what they say, happy wife, happy life!) Unbelievable the picture quality and black levels on this set; and it's not even made by Samsung but their lesser quality C counterpart putting on a Samsung label. Saw the newer model 460 at Costco - the reviewers were right! The 360 earned 9 out of 10 versus the newer 460 earning only 6 out of ten. Didn't look on the back to see if this particular model is made by the A counterpart?! This review is from an owner of a LG 55LH90 - which, by the way, is a fantastic viewing system. Will be interesting where the PQ on this set goes as it settles in?! So for anyone wanting a smaller set in the 26 or 32 inch size - check out this model before it disappears.

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Well, so far everyone who sees the new LN32B360, love it. Now, when my wife is out for a bit, if I can only figure out how to calibrate it to look even better - doesn't have the calibrating capabilities of my LG 55LH90 - but then one does need a challenge!

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--Picture menu

Mode: Movie

Backlight: 3

Contrast: 93

Brightness: 45

Sharpness: 0

Color: 58

Tint: 0

Advanced settings submenu

Black tone: Off

Dynamic contrast: Off

Gamma: +2

Color space: Auto

Flesh tone: 0

Edge enhancement: Off

White balance submenu

R-Offset: 24

G-Offset: 21

B-Offset: 28

R-Gain: 35

G-Gain: 15

B-Gain: 19

Picture options submenu

Color tone: Warm2

Size: Screen Fit

Digital NR: Off

HDMI black level: Low

Film mode: Auto

--Setup menu

Game Mode: Off

Energy saving: Off

Help please i used these settings but the tv is resetting everything to default every 30 mins!! is my TV broken? Also when im playing PS3 or XBOX the settings reset every 20 mins
Am i doing something wrong?! Its a LCD TV not Plasma!
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