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Samsung LN32D405

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Greetings to all.

I have been a lurker for a long time mainly to gain knowledge about the

different technologies so I could make a wise purchase. Well, I made a

purchase and I hope it was a wise one. My wife wanted a new TV for our

office to replace a Toshiba 26" LCD that we were moving into the bedroom

so we found a 32" Sammy at Sam's club, model# LN32D405. We got it two

weeks ago and so far it's great. Seems like it has a better user menu than

the Toshiba which feels kind of clumsy. Anyway, I have been trying to

find calibration settings for this unit, but the only settings I can find is for

the Samsung LN32D450. I have been trying to find the difference between

these two sets and all I can surmise is that they are both the same except

the 450 has a greater contrast ratio than the 405, and the 405 is made

specifically for Sam's Club. So my dilemma is, can I use calibration settings

that I would find online for the 450 on my 405, or would they be different?

Does anyone on this forum have any settings that they would share?

And last, did my wife and I make a decent choice with the LN32D405?

Thanks for any help.

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No replies yet? Hmmm... Well I guess I'll stand by a bit longer.

I was sure I would get something from someone by now. But

I am patient...

Please read first post.

I'd imagine, if the two models are essentially the same, then the same settings would apply to both as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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