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I'm looking for a good ~32" HDTV that I can use as a pc monitor and for gaming.

I've read the 32LK450 is good, but don't feel like wasting time and money on the panel lottery. I've also read a lot about how the 32LD450 with the IPS panel was THE gaming monitor hdtv, but everywhere I look it's overpriced or just plain discontinued. I can't find the samsung in store anywhere either, so since I'm going to have to buy online I might as well get the samsung from walmart for their 90 day return policy, or a Best Buy Refurbished 32LD450.

Question is, does anyone have any experience with Best Buy refurbished tvs? I usually NEVER buy refurbs, but if this tv has everything I want, I'll consider it. Although if anyone can confirm there being a panel lottery on the 32LD450, I think I'll just order the samsung from walmart.

That is unless anyone has any other suggestions?

Much thanks in advance.
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