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Newbie here.. first post and I might add that I am very impressed with most of the posts I have read so far! You guys really seem to know your stuff so I thought I would ask some advice:

In about 3 weeks I will be buying my first HD set. I have basically decided on either a Samsung LN32B640 or maybe upgrading size wise to a Samsung LN37B650.

Question 1: Are there any advantages other than screen size to paying about $250 more for the 37" 650 instead of the 32" 640?

Question 2: Are there any other brand/models I should consider? I saw a few Sony Bravia models that had a really nice picture and the speakers were on the front rather than blowing out the bottom of the set like the Samsungs. I don't have a surround sound or speaker system yet so it would only be short term.

Question 3: I've heard from a few that the Samsung casing scrathes pretty easily. Is this true? I also heard there is no layer of anything over the screen like glass or plastic but pure led? True/false? and how hard is it to clean?

I am getting a Xbox 360 soon as well and wanted to know if I will see any significant issues with the gaming mode. My HD feed will be a Comcast set top box and I don't plan on using the tuner much.

I do stream video from Netflix on my PC frequently and was hoping to use the HDMI out on my PC to connect to the Samsung... Does anyone forsee issues with this?

Any and all feedback is welcome.
Just be gentle on the new kid...haha!

Thanks so much!
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