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SO I have a Technician coming over today; and knowing very well that they are coming in the daytime where it will be hard to prove my flashlighting problem I am worried after reading all of the posts people have made with this similar problem..I have the Samsung LN40B530 and have only had it for 8 months...my problems are on the corners of the screen during as we all know dark scenes...I've turned down the back light to 2 which is I guess okay..but because I paied so much for this TV I want a perfect picture...

Any suggestions for when this tech comes over?

I dno't have enough curtains in my house to block all the sunlight...and fear the only way to emulate night would be to ask him to sit under a blanket with me...lol....which would be pretty uncomfortable....lol...

Any suggestions would help! And ive also read something about an energy saver mode...but can't find that on this tv...
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