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Ok, I admit the title is not too descriptive, but I don't know what to really put as I searched google for my "problem" but do not know how to state it properly.

This problem happens frmm time to time, but not always.

I have cablevision HD box using an HDMI cable. I don't know, these sh*tty refurb boxes suck and I think the signal is weak and it's as if I pressed the info button on the TV remote as the display pops up with the channel and size and refresh rate. The problem is, when it does this, the sound goes out for a second. This happens every 5 seconds.

I think what is happening is that a 720p signal gets a little weak and drops to 480p and then back up to 720p and that's the reason for the display info popping up over and over.

Sometimes cutting power to the box and then powering it back up fixes it, but this takes 10-15 minutes.

Is there a way to STOP the TV from giving me the display info completely?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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