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Before I start I wanna apologize if this subject has already been gone over but I've searched this foru. The last 2 days and couldn't find my answer. So my question is regarding first person shooter games (call of duty black ops) and was wondering what certain settings do. Overall I have no problems with gaming on this tv but for fast paced shooter games i feel like there is fine line when it comes to settings to make it perfect. This is list of settings I have questions about:

Game mode - on

Dynamic mode - off should this be on for gaming

Edge enhancement. - off ?

Noise reduction - off ?

Mpeg reductio - off ?

So basically I need to know if I'm doing something wrong regarding my settings or is it better to leave everything and just turn game mode on when playing games on my ps3. Also note I can't even play first person shooter games on on my Sony bra via Kdl w4100 because of lag issues. Thanks in advance
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