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Hello AVS Forum,

After joining the site just today, I am blown away by the amount of detailed information and community feedback that is available. I cannot wait to get my fingers dirty in all the threads.

I bought a Samsung 40" LCD LN40D550 a couple months ago. It is DLNA compatible, so one is able to stream music, movies, pictures, websites, YouTube, etc. straight to it via Android and iOS apps that are also DLNA compatible. It can also browse DLNA compatible servers and show their content using the software that came with the TV. I'm using this to browse my server, which is an Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition that is DLNA compatible.

I have two questions:

1. What codecs are compatible with the LN40D550 HDTV? The Samsung User Manual and website give an overall list of compatible codecs and containers, but they do not specify which codecs and containers are compatible with the specific Samsung DLNA compatible TVs. I have had brief success with MP4 container with the MPEG-4 (FFmpeg) and AAC (ffmpeg) video and audio codecs, respectively. The link I've been referencing from Samsung's FAQ is:

2. Could anyone recommend a DLNA app for Andriod and/or iOS that works well with DLNA compatible devices? For iOS, I'm currently using a bunch, but none are a defined 'winner'. The iOS apps for DLNA I'm using are: Twonky, Twonky Beam, iMediaShare, AirMusic, AirAV, Iomega Link, 8player, and Plex.

Thanks for your time and glad I got my first thread under my belt!
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