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My brother purchased a Samsng LN46A550 back in July08 and then in early Jan10 he started to have powerup issues (~6 months after the warranty expired no less). The screen turns on and after about 30 seconds there are green lines and then it shuts off and tries to power back on but all we hear are clicking sounds and don't see a picture. If we powercycle by unplugging from the wall and waiting about 15 minutes and then try turning on it will repeat what happened earlier. We read on the web that others were having similar issues is caused by faulty capacitors. There are only 2 10V capacitors on the power board...so we changed both of those out and put 16V capacitors in. Turned back on the TV and same thing is still happening. Do anyone have an idea of what else it can be? If we need to get a new power board, does anyone have suggestions on where to get it from? Appreciate any help that can be provided. Thanks in advance!
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