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I am trying to find a 46" hdtv for my parents by this Friday. They are in their 80's and have never owned an hdtv before.

I have it down to these two models. The 530 is $100 less as of today. No telling what might happen this Friday. I read another thread that seemed to indicate the 600 is a Black Friday "special". Probably true. Reliability is probably the most important feature on my list.

Tell me your opinion. The 530 or the 600 for an additional $100?

By the way, I'm not sure why the 530 has an "F1F" tacked on.

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I also performed a fierce research when deciding on a new TV, and although I had a higher budget at $797.98 this TV was hard to pass up. The 600 is basically the same 630 minus the apps, but in the 530's shell. Samsung was able to lower the price by offering a cheaper box and perhaps a slightly lower contrast ratio. Both of which are not deal breakers for me. I compared the 530 to the 630 at the showroom and I can say the image is better on the 600than the 530, and as good as the 630 only slightly dimmer. Whether this is actual or just the settings used at BB I honestly can't say. The 600 was so new there was none available on the floor for viewing. So it was a leap of faith, but I'm very happy with the decision. I'm watching the Avatar blu-ray on my PS3 right now and it's sick. The advantage of 120Hz is really noticeable in the battle scene at the end vs my old 60Hz model. In addition, its slimer than most LCD's on the market not quite LED but slim none the less. I looked at LED's also, but the bleeding of light on dark scenes in the corners is a deal breaker for me. Even those with local dimming have unifirmity issues. I'll consider LED's once their issues and 3D technology finally catches up. Image quality is not great out of the box, but I used the calibration settings used on the 630 on CNET and the quality improved 10 fold. I have included the same here if you decide to go with this TV. Again, I can't vouch for its reliability. However, I've watched more than 9hrs a day for 2 days and I'm very, very happy with the TV. At this size, with these specifications, and at this price range it just can't be beat.

Calibration settings for the LN46C630:

--Picture menu

Mode: Movie

Backlight: 5

Contrast: 94

Brightness: 45

Sharpness: 0

Color: 48

Tint: G50/R50

Eco Solution submenu:

Energy Saving: Off

Eco Sensor: Off

No Signal Power Off: Off

Auto Adjustment and Screen submenus: [Grayed out]

Advanced settings submenu

Black tone: Off

Dynamic contrast: Off

Shadow Detail: +1

Gamma: +2

Expert Pattern: Off

RGB Only Mode: Off

Color space: Custom

White Balance [see below]

10p White Balance: On

Flesh tone: 0

Edge enhancement: Off

xvYCC: Off

LED Motion Plus: Off

Color Space submenu

Red: Red 56, Green 6, Blue 0

Green: Red 21, Green 54, Blue 0

Blue: Red 7, Green 5, Blue 84

Yellow: Red 50, Green 50, Blue 0

Cyan: Red 0, Green 50, Blue 50

Magenta: Red 50, Green 0, Blue 50

White Balance submenu

R-Offset: 29

G-Offset: 27

B-Offset: 29

R-Gain: 26

G-Gain: 25

B-Gain: 10

10p White Balance submenu

Interval 1: Red 3, Green 4, Blue 3

Interval 2: Red 3, Green 3, Blue 2

Interval 3: Red -3, Green -3, Blue -3

Interval 4: Red 0, Green 0, Blue -3

Interval 5: Red 0, Green -4, Blue -7

Interval 6: Red 0, Green 0, Blue -9

Interval 7: Red 0, Green 0, Blue -2

Interval 8: Red 0, Green 0, Blue 0

Interval 9: Red 0, Green 0, Blue 0

Interval 10: Red 0, Green 0, Blue 0

Picture options submenu

Color tone: Warm2

Size: Screen Fit

Digital Noise Filter: Off

MPEG Noise Filter: Off

HDMI black level: Normal [grayed out]

Film mode: Off [grayed out]

Auto motion plus: Custom

-- Custom settings:

Blur reduction: 10

Judder reduction: 0

Auto Protection Time: 2 hours

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Hi IzzyPR,

what do you mean by same as the 630 but in the 530's shell?

You mean the picture quality and/or feature is same as 630, but using the same casing as the 530?

I notice that the 600 has a built in tuner. Have you tried this yet?

Leo Dj

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I bought the 530 prior to black Friday. Went and got the 600 on black Friday compared both side by side. Seeing that the 600 was brought in on BF there was not one to view. For the same money I did not want to loose out on a great deal. One will go back. The 600 kicks the 530 butt. Night and day. My wife that is not into to it did notice the huge difference right away. The 600 is in the 530 case? I can't sat for sure but all I did was removed the tv and remote and the 600 fit like a glove on the 530 mount stand. The 600 is far better then the 530, Far better! Hope this helps.
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