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I have a Samsung LN46C650 S smart TV with a Skype app. The app didn’t come with the TV like Netflix or hulu, but rather was installed like a user app by me. Skype works fine, but it was never used with a web cam.

At the time when I bought the TV (2010) only Samsung TV Camera (STC1100) was available and it was about $200 so I didn’t bother with it. Right now there are two more options available for Samsung TVs: STC2000 ($109) and STC3000 ($79).

I bought STC3000 and gave it a try yesterday with not much success – the TV doesn’t recognize that there is a cam attached to the USB slot.

None of the available cameras have my TV listed as supported. I assume it’s mostly due to the fact that Skype didn’t with factory firmware.

Before I return this camera, did anyone have any success with in similar situation? Is there anything I could try?


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