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Ok, am in a bit of confused quandary here. Was looking to spend

Settled on the Samsung LN46D630. Brought it home and saw an obnoxious copper colored strip along the bottom I assumed was tape until - NOPE! - it's a stupid design feature. All this is old news to you all, I'm sure, but was a revelation to me

Picture quality was superb, but that damned stripe pissed me off and looked awful. Considered taping it over or coloring it, finally gave up and returned it for the all-black LN46D550, assuming the picture quality would be nearly identical. (I didn't care, I thought, about the 120 vs. 60hz. since I always turn off motion enhancement.) To my surprise, the LN46D550 looked noticeably worse, during motion or not.

So I looked at my other LCD options- LGs didn't impress me, none of the rest did, really. I got to thinking maybe I'll bump up my budget a bit and go with LED after all. The Sony KDL46NX720 really caught my eye, as did of course the nearly edgeless Samsung UN46D7000LF. But before I go off the deep end here, I wanted your guys' advice...

Is there an easy way people have found to cover up the Touch of Color BS on the Samsungs? Or should I go with an LED after all? How are those Gorilla Glass Sonys? Etc. etc.

I realize there are a number of questions here, was thinking maybe someone could provide a sort of patient guide type answer with what they would do. Here are my requirements:

- 46-47"

- Matte screen preferred, if possible

- Smooth motion will be turned off on day 1, but I'm beginning to think the higher refresh rate would be a boon regardless (?)

- Thickness not an issue

- 3D absolutely not necessary

- Image quality - to be honest, I'm sure most of you scrutinize this more carefully than I ever will, but the thing that's been setting me off are the compression artifacts in my FiOS stream. The 630 didn't seem to suffer from it nearly as badly as the 550. I tried adjusting all the artifact smoothing features on the 550 but it turned everything very ghost-like. Don't think I really had to touch anything on the 630.

Thoughts everyone?

Thanks so much!!
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