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I need help and forgive me if my post is not proper. I will either revise it or delete it if it is so.

I have tried to look thru the forum. I'm aware of there was some class lawsuit against Samsung involving this model, but I am not sure if this fits my case, and not sure if there was similar post that match mine.

So, here it goes:

I bought the TV from Costco. After a little over a year, the TV acted strangely, so we just purchased another TV and put this TV aside until we can get back to it fixing.

Time went by, and another year has gone. Now, I found this forum and hope that someone would offer kindness to help.

At the time the TV was removed from service, when turned on, the screen remained black with some clicking noises periodically. After a long while, 1/2 hour or so, the screen may come on but the picture was bad.

Now, I tried again.

When I plug in the power, the tv makes clicking noise. It would not respond to the remote to turn on at all. The remote has new battery.

Please advise what direction I should take.

Thanks in advance.
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