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So I need to preface this by saying that I must be an idiot. Had pretty much settled on the A650 and have ordered an update to our family room wall unit (Custom Shoppe which makes great furniture BTW) with a base unit to place the set on and a bridge above the unit based on set measurements but did not factor in the stand height so now I think the A650 may be less than 1/4" too high with the stand.

As a result, I am considering the A750 (0.2" less height, might fit) and the A850 or A860 (1.4" less height).

Reading extensively through this site, I get the sense that PQ alone is not going to make we want to spend the extra $$$ on the 850/860.

Couple of pragmatic questions:

(1) Pardon my complete NOOBness but this is my first LCD. Hanging the set is not an option in our space, but is it possible to find and use a similar stand to the one provided by Samsung that could regain that modest amount of height that I am concerned about? Any recommendation for a site or provider of such stands?

(2) I notice that the width dimension of the 750 (52.0") is about 2" more than 650 (50.2") and 850 (49.7"). Is this bezel related? Does anyone know if there is actually any difference in the viewable area amongst these sets?

Thanks in advance...
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