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Feedback Strands has analyzed opinions voiced on the web on Samsung LN52B750 LCD TV during the period April 25th, 2009 to July 20, 2009 by studying them on some web sites. This note is a brief summary of our observations - they are based on a sub set of opinions voiced and may not reflect a completely representative view of consumer opinions.

Consumers appear to have defined the watching of Samsung LN52B750 LCD TV as great experience - the model received Net Feedback (% positive opinions - % negative opinions) score of 61. It received 76% positive opinions and 15% negative opinions. The rest were ambiguous opinions.

The most spoken about attributes appear to be the body, display, functions, services, price, and audio. Of these, attributes with most positives are display, body, services, and price.

Samsung LN52B750 produces fine display quality since the picture clarity, brightness, contrast ratio, resolution and vibrant colors gives the feel of viewing the events as live. The picture quality is stunning with the rich dark blacks and vibrant colors on the huge 52 inch screen. To be fair, motion blur cannot be noticed and the images are so clear, it's almost unbelievable. The contrast ratio of 150000:1 is described as fantastic. PS3/XBOX is top notch and looks great on it. All the games look so crisp without any time lag. It has got a glossy screen which gives a nice picture without any reflections. This model has received amazing compliments on its design which has got a nice touch of color (TOC) that gives a quality look with piano black finish. The system installation is breeze as it is quick and easy to set up. Most of the buyers are quite happy and 100% satisfied with the prompt customer services and pleasantly surprised with the quick product delivery provided by the shipping company. It has got appreciation from the users on being a perfect balance between low priced and high performance item and has been described as worth investing money.

There are also some attributes with negative opinions like audio, interface, remote etc. Its sound quality isn't much impressive as it varies each time when the TV is turned on. Some customers have strongly recommended hooking up a separate surround sound system, as the built in speakers are less than adequate. This set has got a minor flaw in its interface utilities as there are some small issues with HDMI input. Remote has got a weird curve which is bothersome and some buttons are hard to use.

On balance, Samsung LN52B750 seems an appealing proposition.

Feedbackstrands is a web portal that tracks opinions voiced on products and services on the web (blogs, reviews, discussion forums, social networking sites, ecommerce sites, etc. It analyzes them and presents it in a useful manner for firms.
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