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samsung lnr269d vs toshiba 27hl95. need help plz

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so, i've been studying these models for the past month and still cannot make a decision.


pros: higher resolution, higher CR, little cheaper

cons: dnie, no cablecard slot, no qam


pros: cablecard, qam, looks great in person

cons: lower resolution (1280), inability to force 4:3 viewing (will stretch), some sites do not say 1080i is supported?!

i've seen the toshiba and absolutely love the way it looks. haven't seen the samsung anywhere (not in stock at B&M stores). was hoping anyone with either of these tvs could offer an opinion.

thanks in advance. btw, i wanted the 32hl95 as it has everything i want in the toshiba with a higher resolution, but the wifey said no on the price point (go figure).
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