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Samsung LNS-4092d + HD = Black Borders on 16:9 Ratio...Normal?

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Everyone hope all is well.

I did a few searches and didn't find much info, but I apologize in advance as I am quite new in this arena :)

I purchased the LNS 4092d and it's a great tv. I had SD cable hooked up, and the images filled the full 40" display (albeit stretched out 4:3 aspect ratio)

Today my cable provider RCN (located in nyc) dropped off an HD box. we set it up, i plugged in the hdmi cables and the feed is coming in. The Yankee game looks awesome.

However, many of the channels including some HD and all non-HD content doesn't fill the entire screen. I am getting hte black borders.

When I siwtch out of HDMI to the standard AV1 the channel content fills the whole screen again.

Now is this typical? I tried adjusting the settings on the Samsung TV itself to 16:9 but I still can't get rid of the black borders.

My thoughts are I bought a 40" TV so i could watch 40" of content...but if the black vertical borders are standard i accept it.

I have a few days left before I can return the TV (if it is a TV related issue.)

Many thanks for all the insight in advance.

Look forward to your responses.


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Your cable box is set to upcovert everything to HD resolutions and your TV probably can't stretch them. Also, HD channels tend to put black bars on SD programming to kep the aspect ratio correct and you can't stretch those either. What cable box do you have? Some can be set to pass SD channels at SD resolutions and HD at HD resolutions.
HD channels are always 16:9. When broadcasting 4:3 programs, to fill out the wide 16:9 frame, the network or station inserts black (or sometimes other color) bars to fit the 4:3 image in the 16:9 frame. The bars are sent as part of the 16:9 image.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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